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There are many variations of passages

Free Branding – You Must Read This!

Well, HELLO everyone! Sorry for the long hiatus but I wasn’t hibernating for sure. Just spending more time meeting real people rather than clicking away on my keyboard talking virtually. I have to blog this latest discovery – a gem if I may say and you don’t have to look far. I have to admit […]

Handshake Communication

Hello – this time round, I share my delight in meeting this wonderful personality recently. He is Ricky Soo – Founder of OpenSchool.MY, Curator of Dynamic NLP Group, Community Leader in Projek Kawan and Owner of Biz Partner. His unique way of sharing soft skill knowledge is commendable albeit slowly but surely. One does not need […]

Managing Life Crisis

I have the honour of presenting this subject to a small group of audience recently. The purpose of the presentation was to share what crisis meant in the home front and it wasn’t about the mega tragedies around the world as I believed if it’s to be, it’s up to me! Here’s a brief on […]

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