What Have We Learned?



Our daily lives are bombarded with things to do, tasks to completed, chores to run and the seemingly endless lists of unfinished jobs. We keep calculating how much we have not done, how much more we can achieve, tabulating our finances and assets and so on and so forth. The free lessons available in the internet made it worse in not a bad way; reminding us to keep learning learning new things and of which I wouldn’t debate here. Is learning all about continuously taking in or we learn from lessons of the past?

So, here is a question and we need to pause and take a breather to check on ourselves – Just what have we learned so far? This question requires us to setup checkpoints in our life; be it hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly or even momentarily in order to ask questions and obtain the answers within ourselves on how far we have come and what have we learned from them.

Each time you do that, the answers are profound and you will be amazed what it revealed. The lessons learned, how to utilize them for future purpose or avoid them if it is not favorable. I remember sharing this with parents who kept telling me about how slow their children are and so much to catch up. Most often, their eyes got widen or rounder when they start counting what their children have achieved so far instead. They will also realized the smaller details that are so often missed along with time. This are moments gone with the wind that we can’t catch or save no matter how much we pray or plead.

Let’s all make a change when we get home today. Count the achievements and blessings for this are the things that matters most at the end.


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