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Hello – this time round, I share my delight in meeting this wonderful personality recently. He is Ricky Soo – Founder of OpenSchool.MY, Curator of Dynamic NLP Group, Community Leader in Projek Kawan and Owner of Biz Partner. His unique way of sharing soft skill knowledge is commendable albeit slowly but surely. One does not need to possess any degree to attend the sessions in various location within Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Jaya, Ipoh and Penang.

Earlier this month, I hosted an eye opening event by Jonathan Gan entitled Power in your Handshake. All this sessions has a tin-canned time of 30 minutes presentation by the speaker. The balance of 1-1/2 hours were used for attendees to partake in situation discussion and some light exchange of ideas. So, let me get back to how we discovered that it can be catastrophic if our handshakes and body language does not match the words we said and how different are they in other parts of the world. So, handshake communication gone awry is an expensive price to pay for any kind of situation we are in.

There shall be no attempt to compress this vast subject into a blog but merely serves as a highlight and some important links for further reading.  For a start, Jonathan recommended this book.


We only managed to discuss on the many types of handshakes. [Resources : jobs.theguardian.com]

  • 1. Sweaty Palms
  • 2. Dead Fish
  • 3. Brush Off
  • 4. Controller
  • 5. Politician
  • 6. Finger Vice
  • 7. Bone Crusher
  • 8. Lobster Claw
  • 9. Hand Wrestler
  • 10. Teacup


Now, please don’t take above as the absolute gospel on handshakes but do let them served as guidelines in the background. Of course, there are also other types or forms of handshakes with the multitude culture, etiquette and tradition on this planet. Here is a link to a shaking hands around the world and another one here.

I’ll stop here on handshakes and shall return with more on body language.


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