Much of her experience was garnered through real life practices. Shinyi has with her 30 years in the climb from being a Receptionist, Secretary, Personal Assistant (PA), Executive Assistant (EA) and Office Manager. Now coming out independent as Virtual Assistant (VA). Her projects are focused on Social Media and Secretarial Services following the trends and demands from the market. Truly, the crux of the work is very much like a template for them to fill in different names, locations and modified deliverable.
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Much of what she knows today, she learnt them from others and very grateful to the inventors of World Wide Web and everyone that has contributed to the internet and cyber world. Google is her favourite teacher and the only downside is when the electricity zonked out.

Rewinding the clock to her school years, libraries were her only source of knowledge. She is still learning everyday in what she termed as “Streets University”. The characters on the streets are the multitude subjects or chapters in her big book of experience and journey that  fuelled her interest in humankind.

Much of what that shapes her is governed by great proverbs and quotes by admirable characters on this planet although it may sound incredulous.  There were far too many to live by in different seasons of my living decades.

Her all-time great phrases are “I live as an agent of happiness wherever I go, not whenever I go”.  The second being “Never impose on others what you would not choose for yourself”.

She is a creature of learning as she goes whenever situation calls upon practical learning. Her tertiary education of choice was Secretarial, Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations. In between there were certificates obtained during her course of working in diversified organizations. In order for any business to sustain long term, one can’t dispute of having superior principles as the roots, strong foundation in administration to build on and superb financial skills to float on!

Remote administrative support is simply the way as businesses evolved because it is practical, cost saving and saves time.

Here’s the sum of 3VAdmin – VIRTUAL | VIRTUOUS | VERSATILE ! About Shinyi is just too brief to sum up the many seasons of living and contributing to this planet. She welcomes an invitation for a cup of tea any time to discuss ways to improve your businesses.



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